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Mark Tan


Mark Tan, a Las Vegas-based writer and critic for various newspapers, died April 25 of complications from an aneurysm in Las Vegas. He was 60.


Joey Faye


Joey Faye, a burlesque comic who appeared in 36 Broadway shows, performed with stripper Gypsy Rose Lee and played the dancing grapes in Fruit of the Loom commercials, died April 26 of complications…

Eugene (Gene) Ames


Eugene (Gene) Ames, brother of actor-singer Ed Ames and a member of the popular Ames Brothers singing group during the 1950s, died April 26 in Scottsdale, Ariz., following a lengthy battle with…

Marjorie O. Best


Costume designer Marjorie O. Best, who garnered an Oscar in 1949 as one of the three designers on the Errol Flynn starrer "The Adventures of Don Juan," died June 14 of heart failure at her Toluca…



Lori and Marko Joelson, twin girls, Jessica Aron and Margaux Benee, May 9, Woodland Hills. Mother's a paralegal for the entertainment law firm of Troop, Meisieger, Stuber & Pasiel; father's a…

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