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Byron (Buzz) Brandt


Byron (Buzz) Brandt, film and television editor, died March 9 in Los Angeles of heart failure. He was 60. Brandt, a native of Nebraska, began his career in the film industry working in the shipping…

Jose F. Duval


Jose F. Duval, actor and singer perhaps best known as the original coffee planter Juan Valdez in television commercials for Colombian coffee, died Feb. 27 at age 72.

Tim Storrs


Tim Storrs, a former television reporter for KGTV who mysteriously left the station in early February, was found dead in his apartment March 5. He was 43.

Earl Wrightson


Earl Wrightson, a singer and actor in musical comedies and the Emmy-winning host of the 1950s TV show "The American Musical Theatre," died March 7 at home in East Norwich on Long Island. He was 77.

Bob Crosby


Swing-era bandleader Bob Crosby, 79, younger brother of the late crooner Bing Crosby, died Tuesday of cancer at Scripps Memorial Torrey Pines Convalescent Hospital here.

Terry Frost


Terry Frost, 86, actor in films, TV and on stage, died March 1 in Los Angeles from heart failure. Born in Minnesota, he started out in vaudeville and came to Hollywood in the 1930s.

Richard Sale


Richard Sale, a novelist, screenwriter and director who frequently turned his novels, including "The Oscar" and "The White Buffalo," into films, died March 4 from complications of a stroke.

Paul Alley


Paul Richter Alley, a pioneering TV newscaster and producer who was the anchorman for NBC's 15-minute nightly program "The War as It Happens" during World War II, died March 2.

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