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Billy Gilman


At only 12 years old, country singer Billy Gilman's career is moving faster than the bow on Charlie Daniels' fiddle when he plays "The Devil Went Down to Georgia."

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‘Lion King’ kids


Ask any of the kids when they first began practicing their "roars" for the Los Angeles production of "The Lion King" and all four -- Adrian Diamond, KaRonn Henderson, Jazmn and Lisa Tucker -- agree…

Daniel Radcliffe


Eleven-year-old British-born actor Daniel Radcliffe has just landed the role of a lifetime -- one that makes Harrison Ford's and Mark Hamill's parts in the first "Star Wars" seem rather minuscule and…

Jamie Bell


Here's advice for 13-year-old Brit wonder Jamie Bell: Give Haley Joel Osment a call and get some tips about acting cool at the Academy Awards. Bell's stunning performance in "Billy Elliot" as a boy…

John Francis Daley


Being called a geek might be the best thing to ever happen to John Francis Daley. After starring in NBC's highly praised but Nielsen-deprived series "Freaks and Geeks" as Sam Weir, Daley, 15, has…

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