People News

Colleen Doran


Management/production shingle Energy Entertainment has signed comicbook artist-creator Colleen Doran (“A Distant Soil”). Doran is collaborating on DC/Vertigo graphic novel “Orbiter” with Warren Ellis…

Phil Harder


A Band Apart musicvideo/commercial director Phil Harder has signed with the Gersh Agency for feature film repre-sentation. Harder, who has worked with such bands as Incubus, Matchbox Twenty…

Cheri Oteri


Thesp Cheri Oteri has signed with the William Morris Agency for representation in all areas. “Saturday Night Live” alum continues to be managed by Peg Donegan and attorney Michael Gendler…

Molly Shannon


Molly Shannon has inked with ICM for theatrical representation. Shannon, who exited from her steady “Saturday Night Live” gig in February 2001, next appears in Dimen-sion’s “The Guest” and Disney’s…

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