Tony splits revivals


This year's Tony Awards will include, for the first time, separate prizes for best revival of a musical and a play. The decision was approved Thursday by the Tony administration committee.

  • TV

NBC, Fox map out sweeps


NBC will try to counter ABC and CBS' miniseries assault with a mix of made-fors and theatricals during the May sweeps, including broadcast premieres of "Cape Fear,""Thelma & Louise" and "Final…

  • Film

Short takes


Hoping to accelerate consumer interest in "The Lion King," Disney will take the unusual step of putting tickets on sale almost two months before the animated feature is released.

  • Biz

U.S. fuels Bertelsmann


German media group Bertelsmann AG, despite sorting through the rubble of failed infotainment weblet Vox, expects 1993-94 profits to exceed the positive numbers from a year earlier, bolstered by a…

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