Redgrave Clarifies


Legit forces behind the planned touring company of “Lettice And Lovage” are keeping mum about possible star Vanessa Redgrave’s recent comments on the Persian Gulf, but other industry insiders say the…

Press Center To Move


With an eye on the crush of participants expected to attend the 41st Berlin festival in the newly unified city, Werner Gondolf, the fest’s head of organization and logistics, has moved the press…

CEMA Hits Campaign Trail


CEMA Distribution has launched an extensive marketing campaign to promote 13 developing artists from eight member labels. Push entails retailer discounts, in-store audio and video compilations and…

Briefing: Film Distribution


UIP and Warners were the leading distributors in Belgium in 1990, with 24.69% and 21.17%, respectively, of an overall turnover of 846 million francs (approximately $26.4 million). Warners advanced…

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