Confusion On Financing Front


The film financing picture in Canada is fuzzy and growing darker. Few expect the Ontario Film Development Corp. to escape the zealous ax-wielding of Premier Mike Harris beyond next spring. Although…

Cartoon Country


Toronto and Montreal have become important worldwide animation production centers in recent years. Canada’s largest animation house is Nelvana Ltd. of Toronto, which has been supplying U.S. networks…

Quebec Political Fallout


Quebec is still part of Canada – for the moment. But the future of the largely French-Canadian province and its entertainment industry is up in the air, given growing popular support for the Quebec…

B.O. Keeps Climbing


Broadway receipts and attendance were up during Week 28 (Dec. 4-10), with shows making gains nearly across the board. Receipts rose 4.3% to $9,836,106, and paid attendance jumped 4.7% to 205,143…

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