Damage Control?


Alec Baldwin had enjoyed a good-guy reputation on film sets – until Premiere’s detailed report of his on-set tirades with Kim Basinger during shooting of Disney’s “The Marrying Man.” The people…

Snake-Tanic Verses


Since Iran isn’t exactly a celluloid hotbed, a big surprise in Berlin last week was the presence of an Iranian pic. A bigger surprise was its subject matter. “Snake Fang,” the first Iranian film to…

N.Y. Talks Go L.A.


IATSE Local 52 leaders quietly travelled to Hollywood last week to continue talks with studio negotiators. Local 52 prexy Walter Stocklin, veep Ray Fortune and IATSE veep Mike Proscia met several…

Critics’ Tally


“Mule Bone” opened Feb. 14 at the Ethel Barrymore Theater to seven favorable reviews (Barnes, Post; Cunningham, CBS-TV; Kissel, Daily News; Kuchwara, AP; Oliver, New Yorker; Simon, New York; Snow…

Wherefore women?


Editor, VARIETY: Despite Anne Thompson’s perceptive “Marketing” column (VARIETY, Jan. 7) about how men’s grip on the entertainment business means less profits to the industry, your 85th Show Business…

Papal Smear


The Vatican has steadfastly refused to comment on the historical events and characters in Francis Coppola’s “Godfather III,” which weaves the mob and Vatican together. But the Catholic daily Avvenire…

Weekly Wars


Newsweek was hardly cheered when C-SPAN devoted a whole week’s worth of programming to Time magazine’s editorial operation recently. The live footage covered Time’s editorial and production meetings…

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