Allow this columnist to obnoxiously say “told you so” on the much-trumpeted announcement that Robert Redford was forming his own Sundance Network. This column revealed that Redford was putting…


Livent Sells 20% Stake


Plenty of people willing to pay a premium for their opening night tickets to a Broadway show. Thomas H. Lee is about to spend $22.5 million for his. The Boston leveraged buyout artist, who’s made a…

Italy Beefs Up


After 1994’s weak turnout, Italians this year will be presenting a united front. For the first time, a “Welcome Italia” pavilion will be set up, serving as an umbrella structure for the seven…

Seasonal Chill Sets In


Receipts fell off sharply during Week 32 (Jan. 2-8), sliding from the hefty $11 million take of the previous holiday week. With five fewer productions than the previous week, the slim 18-show slate…

Syndie Biz Deals With New Deck


The TV industry converges on America’s glitter capital next week to scout the next Ricki Lake, party at the Liberace villa, rub elbows with David Hasselhoff and – oh yeah – take stock after a year of…

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