Have-Nots Crave Slots


The heat has been turned up in TV’s development hell, making it more difficult for all but a handful of suppliers to break through on the established networks. Executives cite various factors…

Squeeze Time For Tv Exciters


The most apt description for many of the new action-hour shows unveiled at NATPE will again be “It’s like ‘ Baywatch’ only with….” But many suppliers are seeking to avoid deja vu, since few shows…


Holiday Biz Dips


Receipts were down for Week 30 (Dec. 19-25), with Broadway’s Christmas stockings stuffed to the tune of $8,004,886, a 3.4% dip from the previous week. Attendance totaled 172,933, a 3.9% decline…

Critics Tally


“A Tuna Christmas” opened Dec. 15,1994, at the Booth Theater to nine favorable reviews (Barnes, Post; Feldberg, Bergen Record; Gordon, Village Voice; Klein, WNYW-TV; le-Sourd, Gannett; Lindstrom…

Industryites Choose Favorites


Each year the Academy faces the challenge of selecting the very best performances of the previous year. Imagine the plight of Oscar voters in a year like 1987 when Michael Douglas’ performance as a…

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