CNN’s Best Shot


It was gonzo journalism at its best. For the first 16 hours of the Persian Gulf war, CNN owned the story. Secretary of Defense Richard Cheney cited what he saw on CNN. Tom Brokaw of NBC interviewed…

Chatter In The Wings


London Arthur Miller’s next play, “The Ride Down Mount Morgan,” Michael Blakemore directing, may preem in London this year for producer Robert Fox. The trio has been huddling here. A recent Hampstead…



Editor, VARIETY: Peter Bart’s article, “The Word Of Heston Is Carved In Stone,” (VARIETY, Dec. 31) notes that Charlton Heston was the first major star to trade upfront salary for a piece of the…

Briefing: Television


Everything is up in the air in the U.K. tv market. Sky and BSB, both financially bloodied by fierce competition, merged in the past year, and the ITV companies are preparing bids for franchise…

Write To Variety


VARIETY welcomes correspondence from readers. Address mail to: Letters, VARIETY, 475 Park Avenue South, New York, NY, 10016. Letters can be faxed to (212) 779-0025. VARIETY reserves the right to…

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