It looks like the on-again merger talks between William Morris and Triad Artists is on shaky ground… It’s amazing how actors who do little in a movie can become much bigger players when the film hits…

Light… Camera… Actionable!


The studio that brought you “Batman” may soon have an archrival of its own – and he’s no joker. After a string of plaintiffs’ victories against major entertainment companies, more and more little…

Makeba Exile Ends In Song


South African songbird Miriam Makeba returned from political exile to give her first concert in the country in 32 years – sponsored by the state-controlled South African Broadcasting Corp. Makeba, an…

BMI, Cable Trial Wraps


The trial between BMI and members of the cable tv industry has ended in Federal Court in Washington, D.C., with Judge Joyce Hens Green reserving decision until after filing of post-trial briefs…

Movie Sell


“The Quincunx,” the pastiche of a conventional 19th-century British novel that became a surprise bestseller last year, is being pitched by the studios for a bigbudget epic. It’s been optioned by a…

German F/X Fight


While Bavaria Film, famed for work on such projects as “Das Boot” and “The Neverending Story,” has long dominated the special effects business in Germany, the Munich-based studio is being…

Injunction For Young


The Los Angeles Superior Court has issued a preliminary injunction restraining Marvin Young (who records as Young MC) from recording for any other record company than Delicious Vinyl until Oct. 31…

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