German F/X Fight


While Bavaria Film, famed for work on such projects as “Das Boot” and “The Neverending Story,” has long dominated the special effects business in Germany, the Munich-based studio is being…

Injunction For Young


The Los Angeles Superior Court has issued a preliminary injunction restraining Marvin Young (who records as Young MC) from recording for any other record company than Delicious Vinyl until Oct. 31…

Sony Rock ‘N’ Roll


Rumors of Sony Music president Tommy Mottola’s demise may have been greatly exaggerated. After Sony won 13 Grammys, Buzz hears Mottola got a letter from Sony bigwigs Norio Ohga and Mickey Schulhof…

Time, $ Crunch Put Heat On F/X


Special effects creators are feeling the effects of corporate pressure resulting from Hollywood’s capital crunch. As a result, pre-production has become increasingly important, and some f/x creators…

La Remake


Hollywood is still sweet on remaking foreign pics with American casts. Warner Brothers has bought the remake rights to “La Femme Nikita,” which Goldwyn is releasing. Director Luc Besson, who did the…

Fathers Of Modern F/X


Most f/x practitioners date modern special effects back to two screen breakthroughs: Stanley Kubrick’s 1968 “2001: A Space Odyssey” and George Lucas’ 1977 “Star Wars.” According to Hoyt Yeatman…



Several studio heads are scratching their noggins over the way troubled Orion is selling films like “The Addams Family” to raise badly needed cash. Buzz hears that Paramount, Universal and Columbia…

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