Packering It In?


Bruce Gordon, head of Paramount TV Intl. and an Aussie broadcaster, has just upped his personal holdings in the Kerry Packer-owned Nine Network Down Under. And he has notified the stock exchange in…

Smart Alec?


It’s become trendy for columnists to pronounce Alec Baldwin’s career over because he’s been trashing Disney and the Hollywood establishment. But as long as he doesn’t start on Paramount, Baldwin…

MacKintosh Backs Revival


Cameron Mackintosh has put his philanthropist hat on again to defray part of the cost for a summer London revival of the Rodgers & Hart show “The Boys From Syracuse.” For the New Shakespeare Co…

Jackson, MCA Pact


Michael Jackson has signed a longterm agreement with MCA Music Publishing for the worldwide administration of his ATV Music Catalog, which includes 250 Beatles songs by John Lennon and Paul…

Abdul Suit Moves


The battle over Paula Abdul’s vocals pitting Yvette Marine against Virgin Records has been moved from state court to California federal court, both parties to the suit confirmed April 23. Marine’s…

‘Laundry’ Goes Clean


Tickets are at a premium for Lisa-Maria Radano’s “Brooklyn Laundry,” opening May 1 at the Coronet. “Laundry” tickets sold out quickly – after the show’s second advertisement appeared – and the run…

Houston In The Fray


Charges of assault and terroristic threatening have been filed against singer Whitney Houston by two men involved in a melee outside the singer’s hotel in Lexington, Ky., April 20. The men claim the…

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