Microsoft Intros Mitv


Microsoft is using this week’s Mip Asia show in Hong Kong as a launching pad for its interactive TV system, which it hopes to introduce in markets such as Hong Kong, Korea and Australia. The system…

Tube Prod’n Pie Sweetens


The solid growth of commercial TV in the Nordic territories, coupled with a healthy appetite for local programming, is sparking a groundbreaking move to carve up the production side of the lucrative…


Warner HV Taps Yokoi


Beefing up for the worldwide launch of the digital videodisc, Warner Home Video has tapped Adam Yokoi as VP of business development. Yokoi previously was heading up the DVD effort at MCA where he was…



The NFL’s quest to line up talent to sing the gala halftime show at Super Bowl XXX apparently has ended. After trying the likes of Elton John, Billy Joel and Paul Simon, the league has gotten a yes…

Icelandic Production Heats Up


With six features preemed so far this year, and a seventh scheduled for Christmas, tiny Iceland is going through its most fecund production period to date. Since the ’80s, the annual average has…

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