Gen X Marks The Spot


The relentless pursuit of a hip adult audience is the driving force behind this year’s development season, replete with dramas full of urban grit and sci-fi excursions into cyberspace as well as…


Quentin Cancellation


The rogue New York Underground Film Festival had a change of heart last week, after this column detailed plans to screen Mike White’s short “Who Do You Think You’re Fooling,” a scene-by-scene…

Is Milken Mulling Moguldom?


It’s almost like old times. Two years after his release from prison, former junk bond king Michael Milken is reuniting his old network of business associates and again turning heads in Hollywood…

Critics’ Tally


“Smokey Joe’s Cafe” opened March 2,1995, at the Virginia Theater to nine favorable reviews (Barnes, Post; Cagle, WCBS-AM; Corliss, Time; Hamburg, WOR-AM; Kissel, Daily News; Klein, WNYW-TV; Sommers…

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