Exec Shuffle


Timothy Conroy has been upped to senior VP of marketing and business development for KCET. He's been VP since 1984. * * * Meri Hillier has ankled as prexy of Colbert TV Syndication, a small…

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Candidate Stern vows to quit


Controversial radio announcer Howard Stern, one of the most listened-to men in America, announced his candidacy for governor of New York Wednesday, promising to resign quickly if elected so "I can…


  • TV

Syndies slip after sweeps


Many syndicated shows suffered in the aftermath of the February sweeps. The national Nielsen syndication rankings for the week ended March 13 indicate that many programs experienced huge losses.

  1. 1
  2. 26,305
  3. 26,306
  4. 26,307
  5. 26,308
  6. 26,309
  7. 27,563