Weekly Wars


Newsweek was hardly cheered when C-SPAN devoted a whole week’s worth of programming to Time magazine’s editorial operation recently. The live footage covered Time’s editorial and production meetings…

Same Old Song


What was that song Bob Dylan mumbled almost unintelligibly at the Grammys last week? The New York Times called it “unfamiliar”; folks who heard the performance live at Radio City Music Hall had no…

Giancarlo, Phone Home


The crippled MGM/UA-Pathe combine sits paralyzed waiting for its commander, Giancarlo Parretti, to return from Europe, pockets full of cash. But waiting for Giancarlo begins to look like waiting for…

No respect


Editor, VARIETY: As a devoted reader of VARIETY and as a dedicated movie enthusiast (which I assume many of your readers are), I found Charles Fleming’s item “Points and a Medic Alert bracelet” on…

Florida Productions Up 44%


Feature film and television production jumped 44% throughout Florida during 1990, attributable to a spurt in location features as well as mushrooming tv and video activity at Orlando’s Universal and…

Ticketron Ankles Vegas Market


Ticketron will exit the Las Vegas market at the end of this month. Ticketmaster, which is planning to begin operations in March, was negotiating for outlets to compete with Ticketron before Ticketron…

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