Critics Tally


“A Tuna Christmas” opened Dec. 15,1994, at the Booth Theater to nine favorable reviews (Barnes, Post; Feldberg, Bergen Record; Gordon, Village Voice; Klein, WNYW-TV; le-Sourd, Gannett; Lindstrom…

Industryites Choose Favorites


Each year the Academy faces the challenge of selecting the very best performances of the previous year. Imagine the plight of Oscar voters in a year like 1987 when Michael Douglas' performance as a…


A Night To Remember


Charlton Heston recalls having an Oscar night epiphany when the 1959 film classic “Ben-Hur” he starred in swept the Oscars. “Something clicked audibly in my mind a full five seconds before Susan…

Off B'way Sked


Designations: (P) play, (M) musical, (So) solo shows, (MB) multiple bill, (R) Revival, (Rev) revue, (Rep) playing in repertory, (Sp) special. Figures in parentheses refer to start of previews. A…

London Sked


Designations are as follows: (O) opera, (P) play, (M) musical, (MB) multiple bill, (So) solo shows, (R) revival. Figures denote opening dates and parentheses denote preview starting dates. A…

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