Sometimes On Sunday


The longest-running show in town – excluding, of course, “The Mousetrap” – must be the ongoing issue of Sunday matinees, which raises its head every so often only to go underground for another few…

Vidal Signs


When “Damn Yankees” opened last March, I noted that Jack O'Brien's TV-screen-embellished staging of the revival reminded me of another '50s-era work, Gore Vidal's “Visit to a Small Planet.” Perhaps…


Dave Wannabe?


Before he exited his CNBC talkshow to follow Letterman beginning Jan. 9, Tom Snyder sat with his replacement, Charles Grodin, to shoot some CNBC promos to help ease Grodin's transition. Sources said…

Cop Trend Unabated In New Rosters


Imitation is the sincerest form of television – and reality programming is no different. The genre of reality shows, which started with Twentieth Television's “Cops,” is showing no signs of slowing…

A Ghost Of A Chance


Recently a TV exec, commenting on the growth of reality shows joked that the next topic for a series would be postal workers. The only problem though will be running for cover when the show is…

Oscar Hopeful?


Could David Letterman be the answer to Oscar producer Gil Cates' annual ordeal of finding the perfect host for the Academy Awards? Cates enters his record-setting sixth year as producer of the annual…

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