Fred MacMurray


Fred MacMurray, 83, the popular and enduring star of more than 50 films and the long-running TV series “My Three Sons,” died Nov. 5 in Santa Monica, Calif., of pneumonia. The versatile actor, who…

Donald Churchill


Donald Churchill, 60, actor and playwright whose output usually concerned the comic side of matrimony, died Oct. 29 in Fuengirola, Spain, apparently of a heart attack. Churchill was in Spain filming…

Edward Arnold Was The Master


The French have Alain Resnais’ elegant “Stavisky” and the Italians can count Francesco Rosi’s conspirational “The Mattei Affair.” But no recent American film of note has been based on an actual case…

Andrzej Panufnik


Sir Andrzej Panufnik, 77, composer and conductor whose 10 symphonies and other concert works often reflected the spirit and problems of his native Poland, died Oct. 27 in Twickenham, a London suburb…

G. L. Vitto


Lawrence (G.L.) Vitto, 69, deejay and latenight TV movie host, died Oct. 28 of a heart attack. Vitto began his showbiz career in Los Angeles as a teenager, performing in shows with Jack Benny and…

Unmasking The Phantom Director


Warner Bros, was left in the lurch when Joel Schumacher dropped out as director of the screen adaptation of Andrew Lloyd Webber’s “Phantom of the Opera.” Schumacher rebelled, said sources, because…

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