Cop Trend Unabated In New Rosters


Imitation is the sincerest form of television – and reality programming is no different. The genre of reality shows, which started with Twentieth Television's “Cops,” is showing no signs of slowing…


A Ghost Of A Chance


Recently a TV exec, commenting on the growth of reality shows joked that the next topic for a series would be postal workers. The only problem though will be running for cover when the show is…

Oscar Hopeful?


Could David Letterman be the answer to Oscar producer Gil Cates' annual ordeal of finding the perfect host for the Academy Awards? Cates enters his record-setting sixth year as producer of the annual…

As Time Goes By, Reality Bites


The reality genre is hot and still growing, but do these shows have an afterlife? Depends on who you ask. Clearly “Cops,” the grandfather of reality shows, is still as viable today as it was at its…

Elvis Lives!


As fans worldwide celebrate what would have been Elvis' 60th birthday on Jan. 8, “Forrest Gump” co-producer Steve Tisch has teamed with Gary Goodman to beat out several studios for the rights to…

Hollywood's Emotional High


Best picture. It's moviedom's Big Enchilada, Hollywood's E ticket to a ride into film history books- not to mention a practically foolproof guarantee of a second-time-around box office bonanza…

IA Boss Won't Sell West Coast Short


Newly named IATSE president Thomas C. Short has all the trappings of an old-style labor boss. He offers a vise-grip handshake, chain-smokes Kools and spits back answers in no-nonsense fashion. Take…

Oscars Reflect, Record History


Since 1927, when the Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences was founded “to raise the cultural, educational and scientific standards” of American filmmaking, the Academy Awards traditionally…

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