Springsteen On 'Guard'


Marlon Brando raved to my Daily Variety colleague Army Archerd over the Sean Penn-directed film “The Crossing Guard” after its star, Jack Nicholson, showed him the film. But he's hardly the film's…

Dutch Kids' TV Expiring


While the launch of as many as eight new commercial channels across the Benelux this year alone may be good news for program-hungry adults, the resulting competition may spell danger for children's…


'Hoop' Scoop


Although “Hoop Dreams” got shut out of Oscar nominations for either best picture or best documentary, Fine Line Features is getting strong response after running a Daily Variety ad urging filmmakers…

Critics' Tally


“Love! Valour! Compassion!” opened Feb. 14,1995, at the Walter Kerr Theater to 12 favorable reviews (Barnes, Post; Canby, Times; Feingold, Village Voice; Hamburg, WOR-AM; Kissel, Daily News…

Diehl Memo


Studios usually want as little input as possible from authors whose books they're making into movies. But if Paramount gets the highly sought-after Leonardo DiCaprio to co-star with Richard Gere in…

Dream Job?


The DreamWorks SKG troika of Jeffrey Katzenberg, Steven Spielberg and David Geffen might well be nearing the end of a lengthy search for an executive to head its TV unit. DreamWorks SKG, which has…

Biz Rebounds; 'Love' 204g


Receipts recovered by a whopping 16.6% during Week 38 (Feb. 13-19), marking a total take of $7,220,506 – highest weekly B.O. score since early January. Attendance jumped 15.2% to 167,487. “Show Boat”…

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