Gotham Film Deals


Though most Gotham-based literary agents make publishing deals for their writing clients and leave the film sales to Hollywood-based co-agents, more are doing both. Mary Evans, who started her own…

Knock, Knock (Again)


You have another chance to pay a visit to “An Inspector Calls,” with the reopening last month at the Garrick of Stephen Daldrys now-legendary 1992 National Theatre production in a physical staging…


WB's Heroic Stable


Warner Bros, is cornering the market on feature superheroes. Aside from its strongly revived “Batman” franchise, which will be in production next fall with another installment from director Joel…

Indonesians Debate Dubbing


To dub or not to dub foreign programming, that is the question facing Indonesian TV these days. Foes maintain that more dubbing could open up the country to unwanted foreign influences – and even…

Naughty Kid


Though many feel that Mark McKinney's formidable talents are being wasted on “Saturday Night Live,” the comic certainly hasn't been wasting his time, particularly if he's been watching the show's…

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