Naughty Kid


Though many feel that Mark McKinney's formidable talents are being wasted on “Saturday Night Live,” the comic certainly hasn't been wasting his time, particularly if he's been watching the show's…


Potential The Word For China


China is obviously the biggest potential TV market in the world, with a population of 1.2 billion people, growing by 14 million each year. A huge chunk of those people, however, don't own TV sets…

Supply-Side Strategy


When the Bouygues group took over TFl in 1987, the network's rights acquisition strategy boiled down to getting programming to fill the sked. Two years ago, however, TFl topper Patrick Le Lay…

B.O. At Rest


Broadway receipts and attendance remained nearly unchanged during Week 25 (Nov. 13-19). Receipts for the 27 shows dipped a marginal 1.3% to $9,351,125, and paid attendance slipped 2.1% to 200,889…

In Singapore, New Faces Reign


The first Mip Asia TV market in Hong Kong last year gave new Singapore TV execs an idea of what the international product scene was like. This go-round more new faces in the TV industry will be…

Music Leads The TV Charge


Whether it's cable programming, pilots, series or telefilms, Florida's TV wares are cropping up faster than you can pass the remote control. Music channels are hot in South Florida, where a plethora…

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