Nova Scotian Harvest Begins


Traditionally, the four Atlantic provinces at the eastern tip of Canada have not been prolific film and TV production centers, and the Canadian biz continues to be dominated by the large companies in…



In a letter dated Nov. 30, New York state assistant attorney general Elizabeth Block informed producers, general managers and attorneys involved in theatrical production that the state was getting…


A Floating Lightbulb


The spirits of Richmond Crinkley and Joseph Papp must have shared a heavenly laugh last week over the announcement that, following the disappointing run of “Racing Demon,” the Vivian Beaumont Theater…

Pair Of 'Rooms' Get Redecorated


Rough cut was a good way to describe the debut of Miramax's “Four Rooms” at the Toronto Film Festival. The film was rough, and the critical reception rougher. The movie, four short stories about New…

Region's Post Biz Booming


The main post-pro-production outfits in Montreal and Toronto are booked to the limit right now, thanks to the heavy volume of shooting in both cities. In Toronto, most post houses deal more with…

Byrne This


You know Catherine Byrne from Brian Friel's “Dancing at Lughnasa,” which had an acclaimed and healthy Broadway run, and “Wonderful Tennessee,” which had a not-so-acclaimed and shockingly brief…

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