Suit Sparks Seating Debate


The three deaths being blamed on general admission seating at the Jan. 18 AC/DC concert in Salt Lake City have resulted in at least one lawsuit and another reassessment of the seating method. Bruce…

U.S. Indies Rename And Regroup


Over three dozen independent films will be appearing under the banner of the newly renamed American Independents and Features Abroad – Berlin 1991 at this year’s festival. The name change reflects a…

Briefing: Television


The Belgian television market has been revolutionized by the arrival of VTM in February 1989. The commercial channel has secured a 40% share of the Flemish-speaking market with a heady diet of…

Redgrave Clarifies


Legit forces behind the planned touring company of “Lettice And Lovage” are keeping mum about possible star Vanessa Redgrave’s recent comments on the Persian Gulf, but other industry insiders say the…

Press Center To Move


With an eye on the crush of participants expected to attend the 41st Berlin festival in the newly unified city, Werner Gondolf, the fest’s head of organization and logistics, has moved the press…

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