Stones Roll Along


Don’t expect the Rolling Stones to follow up their “Steel Wheels” album anytime soon. After Mick Jagger renewed his quest to become a movie star by signing to play an android in “Free-Jack,” Keith…

Gloomy Summer Tour Forecast


The cold days of winter may be dwindling, but members of the touring industry don’t see much hope for a thaw in business this summer. Lack of titanic touring talent and the possibility of a prolonged…

N.Y. Ducking Ducats Dilemma


With “Miss Saigon” tickets being hawked in New Jersey for as much as $275 each, legit insiders on this side of the Hudson are showing renewed interest in regulations on scalping. But like anyone…

Dramas Drubbed As Hour Turns Sour


The recent NBC hoopla over the 100th episode of “L.A. Law” put a brave face on a grim reality: The hourlong drama, which has given tv much of its best – and most profitable – programming, is a dying…

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