Gotham’s loss Is Chi’s Gain


The Windy City is turning out to be a primary beneficiary of the location boycott of New York City by major film studios. “We’ve never been busier, ever,” says Susan Kellett, director of Illinois…

Brits Bite B’casters


After much debate, the British government is expected to announce this week restrictions on British broadcasters owning indie production companies and vice versa. These will apply to the next round…

New Hope For Queen City


When John Sayles wrote “City Of Hope,” (which debuted last month at the Sundance Film Festival), he envisioned an aging industrial town in New Jersey. When it came time to shoot however, Cincinnati…

MTV Gives War A Chance


MTV has gone to war. Somewhere between “Club MTV” and “Yo! MTV Raps,” the musicvideo channel’s news division is finding time for in-depth coverage of the Persian Gulf war. MTV News is working in…

Hughes Stays Home


As if the New York labor impasse weren’t a big enough break for The Second City, 1990 and ’91 have also turned out to be incredibly profitable and prolific years for John Hughes – Chicago filmmaker.…



Disney’s serious about cost containment. Its pic “The Stand” has been moved from Brazil to Mexico, both for cost and security considerations, Buzz hears.

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