Exit For Propaganda


In a minor upheaval at RCA/Columbia Pictures Video’s N.Y. headquarters, senior v.p. Jim Tauber is leaving to become president/CEO of Propaganda, which did “Wild At Heart.” Tauber, who stamped…

Papal Smear


The Vatican has steadfastly refused to comment on the historical events and characters in Francis Coppola’s “Godfather III,” which weaves the mob and Vatican together. But the Catholic daily Avvenire…

‘Lettice’ Tour Wilts


A nine-month tour “Lettice & Lovage” that would have top-billed Vanessa Redgrave, in the flamboyant role created by Maggie Smith, has been scuttled. Almost no one connected with the planned tour is…

Super shelf life


The March issue of American Film includes a new list of the 10 best unproduced screenplays. The magazine has published such a list over the past few years. Pat Troise, an independent producer, found…

Opening Jitters For Market


A sunny, Cannes-like setting awaits visitors to the American Film Market as it makes its debut Feb. 28 to March 8 in Santa Monica, the small beach city that borders Los Angeles. But despite the ocean…



Disney’s serious about cost containment. Its pic “The Stand” has been moved from Brazil to Mexico, both for cost and security considerations, Buzz hears.

Gotham’s loss Is Chi’s Gain


The Windy City is turning out to be a primary beneficiary of the location boycott of New York City by major film studios. “We’ve never been busier, ever,” says Susan Kellett, director of Illinois…

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