On The Section Cover


Pictured in collage, left to right, in the top row: Nia Peeples, John Tesh, Regis Philbin, Darkwing Duck, Kathie Lee Gifford, Michael Keaton, Judge Wapner, Jack Nicholson, Lee Horsley. Center row…

Steve Hooks Duo


After much speculation that the husband-and-wife team of Kathleen Kennedy and Frank Marshall would be leaving Steven Spielberg’s Amblin Entertainment, the pair finally made a decision. Kennedy is…

Love La Lansbury


Editor, VARIETY: It was interesting to read your story on the possibility of a musical version of “Sunset Boulevard” by Andrew Lloyd Webber (VARIETY, Dec. 10). I recall reading previously a few years…

Finding And Nurturing Indies


Michelle Satter, director of Sundance’s Feature Film Program, has a daunting job. It includes finding the writers and directors that Sundance invites to produce programs, and then running the January…

Pubs’ Exit Peeves Press


Paramount has gotten rid of two popular New York publicists, much to the chagrin of reporters and critics. Lloyd Ibert, director of national publicity, and Bill Kenly, senior publicist, have been…

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