New Year's Biz Boffo


With pricey New Year's Eve ducats and high attendance, the 23-show slate pulled a record-breaking $11,646,663 during Week 31 (Dec. 26-Jan. 1), a monster 45.5% jump over Christmas week. Attendance…

Degeneres Deal


Ellen DeGeneres will make her feature film debut in “Mr. Wrong” for Touchstone Pictures, slated to begin shooting in April. The star of ABC's “Ellen,” for which she was recently nominated for a…


Hollywood's Emotional High


Best picture. It's moviedom's Big Enchilada, Hollywood's E ticket to a ride into film history books- not to mention a practically foolproof guarantee of a second-time-around box office bonanza…

Squeeze Time For Tv Exciters


The most apt description for many of the new action-hour shows unveiled at NATPE will again be “It's like ' Baywatch' only with….” But many suppliers are seeking to avoid deja vu, since few shows…

Holiday Biz Dips


Receipts were down for Week 30 (Dec. 19-25), with Broadway's Christmas stockings stuffed to the tune of $8,004,886, a 3.4% dip from the previous week. Attendance totaled 172,933, a 3.9% decline…

Eye Catchers Topping Casters' Lists


So you want to be the next David Hasselhoff? First, hit the gym, then go get a tan. That's the word from “Baywatch” casting directors Susan Glicksman and Fern Orenstein. “Looks are very important for…

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