The Winner Is?


After a year search for a suitor, TVS Entertainment is about to sell MTM. The deal is expected to be closed within three weeks. Buzz hears several major studios – most notably Disney, Warners and MCA…

Houston’s Synching Feeling


Whitney Houston’s recently released recording of the national anthem may be doing star-spangled business, but there could be less to her performance than meets the eye. Publicized as the version of…

‘Speed’ Calls In Coin


The producers of first Broadway Alliance play have secured the 15% overcall permitted under the Alliance’s financing guidelines, money that could be spent to help offset mixed reviews. Robert…

Twangers’ Global Yodel


Purveyors of country music may soon be asking themselves, “Which country?” The foreign market for American country music has long been a lonesome prairie, but some in the industry see foothills of…

Bart Conquers U.K.


Bart Simpson has rapped his way to the top of the British singles charts even though “The Simpsons” tv show, carried on the British Sky Broadcasting (BSkyB) satellite network, wouldn’t make the top…

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