Next Stallone?


While he’s no Sly Stallone yet, “Iron and Silk” star Mark Salzman jump-started his thespian career the same way – remember the unknown Stallone refused to sell his “Rocky” script unless he could…

Time, $ Crunch Put Heat On F/X


Special effects creators are feeling the effects of corporate pressure resulting from Hollywood’s capital crunch. As a result, pre-production has become increasingly important, and some f/x creators…

L.A. Legit


East Coasters often sniff that Hollywood film and tv actors turn their backs on theater. But a group of stars are reviving Hollywood’s Met Theater, which has been dark for five years. The board…

Operation Desert Flack Attack


With CBS News correspondents Richard Threlkeld and Bob McKeown deep in Kuwaiti territory way ahead of the competition and allied troops, the news division’s p.r. arm zoomed into high gear. Reporters…

Fore Star Pic


Lest anyone forget how important a movie “Hook” is to Tri-Star, a trip to the studio lot puts it in perspective. A Buzz spy spotted a row of about a dozen canopied golf carts, each emblazoned with…

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