Big Three: High Anxiety


Not surprisingly, network bigs haven’t been quiet about CNN’s march on their turf. It seems a day doesn’t pass that a Big Three executive doesn’t publicly criticize CNN for some facet of its coverage…

CNN’S New Biz


Germany’s two national public broadcasters, ARD and ZDF, got lambasted by the print media for their coverage of the Gulf War. Both stations signed quick one-year deals with CNN Intl., with each…

Write To Variety


VARIETY welcomes correspondence from readers. Address mail to: Letters, VARIETY, 475 Park Avenue South, New York, N.Y., 10016. Letters may also be faxed to (212) 779-0025. VARIETY reserves the…

Graduates Look Back


Doug Herzog, senior v.p. of programming, MTV: “Emerson’s emphasis on a hands-on approach and its supercharged creative atmosphere really gave me an advantage coming out of school. “I’ll always…

Indestructable Icon


Peter Weller hung up his armor for good after “Robocop 2″ turned in disappointing results. But the concept is apparently indestructible, and Robert Burke, who starred in “The Unbelievable Truth,” has…

Spanning The Globe…


The following briefings on the status of film exhibition in various countries are extracted from VARIETY’S series of Global Reports. JAPAN The three major studios – Toho, Toei and Shochiku – maintain…

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