Briefing: Film Exhibition


Brussels had close to 5 million cinema admissions in 1990 (4,942,521), an increase of 8.94% over ’89, largely credited to the Kinepolis phenomenon. Now representing 54.86% of the cinema market in the…

Suit Sparks Seating Debate


The three deaths being blamed on general admission seating at the Jan. 18 AC/DC concert in Salt Lake City have resulted in at least one lawsuit and another reassessment of the seating method. Bruce…

CEMA Hits Campaign Trail


CEMA Distribution has launched an extensive marketing campaign to promote 13 developing artists from eight member labels. Push entails retailer discounts, in-store audio and video compilations and…

NARM Endorses CD Packaging


The board of directors of the National Assn. of Recording Merchandisers has endorsed a move from the 6″ x 12″ longbox to a 5″ x 11″ package for the compact disk. The board asked manufacturers to bear…

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