Album Spotlight


Poison faces a challenge in 1993. The Capitol recording act must prove it can survive in a world that no longer appears to be interested in pop metal, the style the band has successfully championed…

  • TV

Seoul unplugs U.S. cash


South Korea, reacting to local companies' pressure to keep licenses for cable TV in the family, has pulled the plug on plans to attract investment from U.S. and other foreign cable operators.

International Briefs


Further entrenching its European presence, United Cinemas Intl. has bought out its local partners in Spain's biggest exhib, Cinesa. The move gives UCI, jointly owned by Paramount and Universal, full…

  • Film

Oscar watch


Anthony Hopkins, winner of last year's leading actor Oscar for "The Silence of the Lambs," has joined the cast of the 65th annual Academy Awards. This marks the third appearance on the awards show…

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