Brandon X


While Brandon Tartikoff ran NBC Entertainment, he was a whiz at primetime series and longform movies like “Fatal Vision” and “Roe Vs. Wade.” His theatrical resume? Not so good. Anyone remember these…



A story on the San Bernardino Civic Light Opera reworking of the musical “Chess” (VARIETY, April 29) contained several inaccuracies. The scenic design for the show’s national tour was by David…

Movie Sell


“The Quincunx,” the pastiche of a conventional 19th-century British novel that became a surprise bestseller last year, is being pitched by the studios for a bigbudget epic. It’s been optioned by a…

Killer Book


If you can’t slam a celebrity, the best way to come up with a hot book is true crime. Latest big buck sale came last week when Doubleday won an auction for a family memoir by Michael Gilmore, the…

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