Critics' Tally


“The Moliere Comedies” opened Feb. 2, 1995, at the Roundabout/Criterion Theater to 14 favorable reviews (Barnes, Post; Canby, Times; Citron, WOR-AM; Collins, WWOR-TV; Kissel, Daily News; Kuchwara…

CBS Entices Telcos


Once again CBS chairman Laurence Tisch has the for sale sign outside Black Rock, attracting both the usual suspects, from Barry Diller to Ted Turner, and some unusual ones. This time around, the Eye…


'City' Of Sin


One of the best stories of early Hollywood has gotten a new lease on life. Steve Barancik, who scripted John Dahl's hit “The Last Seduction,” has been hired to rewrite a story that Barry Levinson has…

Invasion Of Buyers And Sellers


If recent complaints about the overabundance of film markets have merit, the news hasn't hit Berlin yet. Despite being bookended by Rotterdam's minimart and the American Film Market, this year's…

Party Takes Shape


Eric Roberts has agreed to star in “White Fang” director Randal Kleiser's next film, “It's My Party,” in a major departure from his recent turn as a heavy in “The Specialist.” In the film, which…

Fest Gambles On New Image


Compared with last year's event, which surfaced in the bow waves of the fall '93 GATT spat, the 35th edition of the Monte Carlo Television Festival looks on paper like a lower-key, more Euro-skewed…

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