The other list


Tony nominations week, and everybody has a list. Here's mine: Nathan Lane. Elaine Stritch. Jaston Williams. Robert Sean Leonard. Gloria Foster. Rufus Sewell. Francesca Annis. Terence Rigby. Anthony…

MPTV bows health plan


In an unprecedented health care move, the Motion Picture & Television Fund has joined with CaliforniaCare Health Plans to offer the first industrywide medical plan to some 500,000 employees at…

From B vids to A-grade player


Tetsu Fujimura is the sort of guy who'd name his company Gaga Communications simply because, he believes, “you gotta be gaga” to be in this business. One look at Japan's rigid and often arcane movie…


Indie Showcase big on U.S. pix


Twenty-four independent features and four short films will be screened at the Cannes Film Fest under the Independents Showcase at Cannes banner, organized by New York marketing firm Intl. Media…

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