Jan The Forefront


Although it allowed “Speed” director Jan De Bont to do “Twister” at Amblin, Fox, which has a two-picture, firstlook deal with De Bont, has given the director some of the best films in its arsenal…

Bedroom Antics


Robert Evans indicated he might feel 10 years older by the time William Friedkin finishes using his storied bedroom for the kinky sex scenes in Paramount's “Jade,” starring David Caruso, Chazz…

Springsteen On 'Guard'


Marlon Brando raved to my Daily Variety colleague Army Archerd over the Sean Penn-directed film “The Crossing Guard” after its star, Jack Nicholson, showed him the film. But he's hardly the film's…

Dutch Kids' TV Expiring


While the launch of as many as eight new commercial channels across the Benelux this year alone may be good news for program-hungry adults, the resulting competition may spell danger for children's…

Morris Moving


After 29 years in the same New York headquarters, William Morris staffers were packing boxes March 3, for a March 6 move into more spacious quarters at 1325 Avenue of the Americas, between 53rd and…

Italians Expand Kidvid


Realizing that young viewers make good consumers, Italian broadcasters have recently begun to expand their children's programming. With Italy in the midst of a recession, the devalued lira has…

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