Killer Book


If you can’t slam a celebrity, the best way to come up with a hot book is true crime. Latest big buck sale came last week when Doubleday won an auction for a family memoir by Michael Gilmore, the…

Makeba Exile Ends In Song


South African songbird Miriam Makeba returned from political exile to give her first concert in the country in 32 years – sponsored by the state-controlled South African Broadcasting Corp. Makeba, an…

ACT Gets Back In The Act


Still coping with a major deficit and the loss of its historic Geary Street home theater after the 1989 earthquake, American Conservatory Theater announced its 1991-92 season schedule amid a flurry…

Missing Persons Corner


NAME: Menahem Golan and Yoram Globus STATUS: Head of 21st Century Film and exec at MGM/Pathe, respectively FOUND: At the MIP-TV market, April 19 to 24, in Cannes LAST SEEN TOGETHER: AFM market, 1989…

Minsk Hosts Benefit


Even snow could not dampen the spirits of 8,000 enthusiastic locals who assembled here for a massive Live Aid concert to benefit the young victims of Chernobyl. Staged at the Dynamo Stadium, less…

Euro Promoters Group Formed


Several European promoters have formed the European Concert Promoters Assn., chaired by Tim Parsons, director of Midland Concert Promotions in Great Britain. Move marks the first time Euro promoters…

Spin Doctor


Brandon Tartikoff should be up for a spin doctorate. He’s recently milked the maximum out of two dated movies showing on NBC. First, there was “Girls Of Summer,” billed as Julia Roberts’ pre-“Pretty…

Judds Honored


The Judds won their seventh consecutive vocal-duet award at the Academy of Country Music Awards, held April 24 in Universal City, Calif. Garth Brooks won best song and video honors for “The Dance,”…

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