Multiplying multiplexes


The state of Indian exhibition will be revolutionized by the Modi/United Artists Theater Circuit co-venture, which aims to build at least one multiplex consisting of eight to 12 screens in every…

Biz drops; 'Mason' 57g


Receipts and attendance fell off during Week 1 (May 29 to June 4) of the 1995-96 season. A slimmer roster drew $8,393,790, a 10.1% drop from the previous week. Paid attendance totaled 187,668, a…


Venturing into New World


Modi Enterprises recently inked a deal to set up a co-venture with New World Entertainment to produce and distribute programming for the fast-growing Indian market. The new company, called Modi New…



The summer movie season has barely begun and already key players in distribution and exhibition are getting anxious about an impending screen crunch. But the squeeze isn't the traditional one of too…

Disney's beachhead


Modi's first co-venture with the Walt Disney Co. was the Disney Consumer Products division (51% owned by Disney), launched in January 1993. This division initially set out to license rights to Disney…

Tisch applies Eye patch


When Leslie Moonves was trying to decide whether to accept CBS chairman Laurence Tisch's offer to become entertainment czar of the beleaguered network, friends cautioned him against leaving his…

Dynasty patriarch


An entire town, Modinagar, takes its name from the founder of the Modi group. Gujar Mai Modi lived in that town, from where he launched his business empire in 1933. The cornerstone was a sugar mill…

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