Showbiz Shell-Shocked


It’s a desert out there. From Athens to Australia, down Broadway and up Sunset, showbiz worldwide has been swept under the sands of the Middle East war. Cinemas and stages were bleak Jan. 16 as the…

Briefing: Film Exhibition


As the multiplex building boom of recent years tapers off, exhibs are talking of cities being screen-saturated and of high building costs rather than windows of opportunity. Nonetheless, multiplexes…

Briefing: Film Production


Aweak U.S. dollar, escalating costs and the withdrawal of tv companies, which are waiting to see if they retain their franchises, brought U.K. film production to a new low in 1990. The government has…

Chatter In The Wings


London Arthur Miller’s next play, “The Ride Down Mount Morgan,” Michael Blakemore directing, may preem in London this year for producer Robert Fox. The trio has been huddling here. A recent Hampstead…

Briefing: Homevideo


Sell-through is booming, rentals struggling. That’s the story of the U.K. homevideo scene, the third biggest homevid market in the world. Nonetheless, specialist vid stores are still blooming, with…

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