Editor, Variety: The issue at the core of Kardana Prods.' decision not to transfer “Company” to a commercial Broadway run has been deliberately obfuscated by Stephen Sondheim. My decision had nothing…

Malaysians On Tight Budget


With their budget allocations stretched to the saturation point at this time of the year, Malaysians going to Mip Asia look upon it as a kind of working holiday. “We acquired all our needs at Mipcom…


Remake Revisted


In their search for a Holiday Perennial, studio executives often are lured into greenlighting a remake of a durable Christmas story like “Miracle on 34th Street” or Charles Dickens' “A Christmas…

Bouygues Bid Boldest


In 1986, the state-owned TFI was at the top of what was then a pubcaster world. Under the leadership of Herve Bourges, TFI incontestably led the French ratings race, broadcasting the leading soap…

Euro Force Joins Fray


Despite grumblings over the cost of making the trip to Hong Kong, a perceived lack of Chinese buyers last year and the feeling that some sales execs are getting marketed out, a strong European…

B.O. Holds Even


Broadway receipts and attendance remained virtually static during Week 24 (Nov. 6-12) despite a slimmer roster. Receipts for the 26 shows dipped a slight 2.1% to $9,476,145, and paid attendance fell…

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