Hughes Stays Home


As if the New York labor impasse weren’t a big enough break for The Second City, 1990 and ’91 have also turned out to be incredibly profitable and prolific years for John Hughes – Chicago filmmaker.…

Same Old Song


What was that song Bob Dylan mumbled almost unintelligibly at the Grammys last week? The New York Times called it “unfamiliar”; folks who heard the performance live at Radio City Music Hall had no…

New Hope For Queen City


When John Sayles wrote “City Of Hope,” (which debuted last month at the Sundance Film Festival), he envisioned an aging industrial town in New Jersey. When it came time to shoot however, Cincinnati…

Exit For Propaganda


In a minor upheaval at RCA/Columbia Pictures Video’s N.Y. headquarters, senior v.p. Jim Tauber is leaving to become president/CEO of Propaganda, which did “Wild At Heart.” Tauber, who stamped…

Papal Smear


The Vatican has steadfastly refused to comment on the historical events and characters in Francis Coppola’s “Godfather III,” which weaves the mob and Vatican together. But the Catholic daily Avvenire…

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