Bird Cast Feathering


The United Artists film “Birds of a Feather” is coming together with a formidable cast. With Robin Williams and Nathan Lane set in the leads, sources said that Dianne Wiest and Gene Hackman are in…

Belgrade Unspools Despite War


After two years of lights out because of the war in former Yugoslavia, Belgrade’s 23-year-old film festival, FEST 95, raised its curtain again Jan. 28-Feb. 5. New management led by filmmaker Emir…

Count On Solid British Presence


With Michael Winterbottom’s eagerly awaited “Butterfly Kiss” in competition and Peter Chelsom’s comedy “Funny Bones” (a Sundance preem) leading the trio in Panorama, Brit filmmaking is solidly repped…

Kelsey’s Debt To A Rival


Even though “Frasier” star Kelsey Grammer lost some ratings going head to head against Tim Allen in “Home Improvement” this season, Allen has indirectly helped Grammer make about $2 million for his…

Buy The Numbers


The conventional wisdom on Broadway used to be: Stick with the standard playing schedule, and don’t confuse the customers. No more. For several years now, producers have been willing to drop one…

Another Killing


Joe Eszterhas, the writer of such steamy thrillers as “Jagged Edge” and “Basic Instinct,” has logged another record script payday, as Paramount has agreed to pay him a guaranteed $1.5 million against…

Scene Changes


Already, some plans for springtime on Broadway that looked firm a week ago have changed. Key among them was the decision by producer Robert Whitehead to have Terrence McNally’s “Master Class” add two…

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