Christian Toughing Up


One actor lawyering it up right now, “Murder in the First” star Christian Slater, could be headed in a more macho direction. Boxer Vinny Pazienza is talking to Slater about playing him in a biopic…

Sundance Sneak


Not every worthwhile Sundance pic is in the brochure, or even skedded to be shown during the day. Sources said Miramax was hatching plans to show a work-in-progress this week of its recent…

State Of The State


New York State film commissioner Bruce Feinberg is getting a lot of grassroots support to continue in his post, even though his former employer, Democrat Mario Cuomo, has been supplanted by…

Bruce In Small Doses


While actors like Marlon Brando can make millions of bucks doing cameos or supporting roles in movies, Bruce Willis winds up losing money. Willis, who got an estimated $15 million for “Die Hard With…

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