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Seoul unplugs U.S. cash


South Korea, reacting to local companies' pressure to keep licenses for cable TV in the family, has pulled the plug on plans to attract investment from U.S. and other foreign cable operators.

Comedy smiles –and bites back


A month after the Federal Communications Commission levied the last of $ 705, 000 in fines for indecency against radio stations broadcasting "The Howard Stern Show," the New York-based shock jock was…

Polillo 1 of 2 Penta CEOs


Marco Polillo has been named one of the two CEOs at the Italian major Penta, taking the place of Carlo Bernasconi. Polillo, whose background is in book publishing, joined Penta in October as general…

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Financial Briefs


Live Entertainment faces a confirmation hearing in federal court March 17 for its pre-packaged plan of reorganization. The company seeks court approval of a debt-for-equity swap with its bondholders…

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