Imaginary Ink


There’s a lot of script writing going on at Imagine Entertainment, where Steve Oedekerk (an uncredited writer on “Ace Ventura: Pet Detective”) and director Tom Shadyac are polishing Larry Gelbart’s…

Oscars Reflect, Record History


Since 1927, when the Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences was founded “to raise the cultural, educational and scientific standards” of American filmmaking, the Academy Awards traditionally…



The Grammys have been alternating between New York and L.A., but Atlanta-based music attorney Joel Katz is organizing a campaign to bring the awards to Atlanta in 1996, the year the city hosts the…

Sunday’s Settled


Completing the shakeup that began last month with the resignation of David Richards as chief theater critic, the New York Times has named Margo Jefferson Sunday theater critic, beginning next month…

Oscar’s Prop. 187


There’s another “Best Film” award given every year, but it invariably receives less attention, just as the films produced in a foreign tongue generally make a tiny blip on the box office charts. Yet…

Industryites Choose Favorites


Each year the Academy faces the challenge of selecting the very best performances of the previous year. Imagine the plight of Oscar voters in a year like 1987 when Michael Douglas’ performance as a…

A Night To Remember


Charlton Heston recalls having an Oscar night epiphany when the 1959 film classic “Ben-Hur” he starred in swept the Oscars. “Something clicked audibly in my mind a full five seconds before Susan…

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