Syndication Briefs


The animated action/adventure series "Mighty Max," which marks Film Roman's initial entry in first-run syndicated entry, debuts this fall with 13 half-hours as part of Bohbot Entertainment's "Amazin…

  • Film

Oscar watch


Susan Sarandon, who received a leading actress nomination yesterday for her performance in "Lorenzo's Oil," has been added to the list of celebrity presenters of the 65th annual Academy Awards…

  • Biz

Financial Briefs


Gaylord Entertainment Co. posted a threefold increase in net income for the fourth quarter ended Dec. 31, a record. Profits jumped to $ 8.8 million from $ 2 .9 million.

W’wood One losses grow


Westwood One, the ailing radio broadcaster, posted wider losses for the year and last quarter. The company recorded a net loss of $ 4.3 million (29 cents a share) for the fourth quarter ended Dec…

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