Days Of ‘Dredd’ At AFM


It’s typical of this year’s American Film Market that the biggest event is taking place elsewhere and doesn’t involve buying and selling movies. On the afternoon of Feb. 27, nearly 100 foreign…

Olivier, Olivier


Betty Buckley’s in and Maggie Smith’s out: So go the principal revelations of this year’s Olivier Award nominations, in which American shows – dare we say, as usual? – took a sizable share of the…

Uma’s ‘Beautiful’ Role


After Uma Thurman’s Oscar-nominated perf in “Pulp Fiction,” it was inevitable that Miramax would want to get their “Pulp” princess into another movie as soon as possible. Thurman is about to sign for…

Travolta Time


Even when he was the hottest male star in Hollywood, John Travolta never saw the kind of dollar offers that have been coming his way since “Pulp Fiction,” for which he’s a serious Oscar contender…

Life In The Ionosphere


What to do if rehearsing for your Broadway debut while performing a play in London? Answer: Get to know the Club Class lounge at British Airways, which is where Jude Law will be spending much of his…

‘Hoop’ Scoop


Although “Hoop Dreams” got shut out of Oscar nominations for either best picture or best documentary, Fine Line Features is getting strong response after running a Daily Variety ad urging filmmakers…

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